Shellie Hunt is an international speaker, author of Success is by Design and has been a personal transformation expert for over 25 years. She has worked with and impacted over ten thousand individuals from all walks of life.

Personal Achievement Coaching

We ALL have dreams, some of us live them!!! Are you living yours?

What would it be like to have someone on your team who is truly committed to creating "with" you, what YOU want more of in YOUR life? This is an in depth, one on one, personalized life success coaching system.

Success is by Design knows every individual has unique gifts and talents and being able to recognize and act on these talents are major steps toward success in all areas of your life.  Shellie works with your natural abilities to show you what is available and possible for you in many areas of fulfillment and success, including untapped multiple sources of income.

Shellie is a breakthrough specialist when it comes to releasing old patterns and behaviors and teaching communication techniques for better relationships and more productive networking.

Whether you are looking to reinvent yourself or reaching for new heights in personal and professional achievements, learning and applying the "How To's" in the laws of manifestation will assist you in producing more tangible results in your life and ultimately guide you toward higher life fulfillment!!!

The BoardRoom

An Intimate two day session strictly dealing with your business design and optional multiple sources of income. This is a space where you can discover, and uncover your business success.  Your business enhancement and design of success.

Topics that will be covered during this two day event are: Advertising, marketing, raising your Google rating, clarity of target marketing, and business structure. This event is a very intimate setting so there are very limited spaces available. 98.7% of all businesses in the USA are small businesses. There are techniques that can work for you.

No matter what your business,
Success is by Design.

If you are ready to take your ideas and your companies to the next level, the best place to start is in the board room.

$1,997/seat for 1 person

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Corporate CEO &
Management Trainings

What are your goals? What do you want to create in your business or management teams?

Imagine the results if the management in a company worked from a place of leadership, responsibility and synergy more frequently? What kind of profits could that company realize?

Shellie Hunt currently works successfully with many CEO's and corporate teams.  Shellie maintains a high success rate with her clients retaining immediate applicable skills and at the same time gaining world class exposure in their industries.

The Corporate CEO and Management training background cover the full spectrum of business. Shellie presents clear and precise "nuts and bolts" concepts and action steps which contain breakthrough results you can measure. Thus, the results being better communication, cooperative team work and producing increased net profit for you and your company.

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"Shellie Hunt stands on the front lines of leadership, specifically in the area of personal excellence.  As a successful woman in this world, she has the ability to hear the voice of inspiration and act on it, creating companies that impact the world for a greater good.  Shellie Hunt is one who equips people who find themselves stuck in the stupor of mediocrity with the skills needed to rise up and embrace their fullest life potential.  Shellie is a role model who lives out what she teaches:  feel the fear and go for it anyway.  Her enthusiasm and energetic response to all that life throws her way is contagious and inspiring.  I highly recommend Shellie for any venture that wants to ignite a positive movement in this world."  
- Lauren E. Miller, Founder of Stress Solutions University

"I can say for certain that Shellie Hunt is a true leader in every sense of the word.  Her heart centered leadership and support has been unconditional.  Through her work on a global level she transcends the lives of those she touches.  She is an inspirational beacon of hope and possibility.  Shellie is someone who is naturally funny and makes me laugh.  She is knowledgeable, resourceful, creative, and quick and has a focused laser sharp ability to think and communicates with direction and is driven with passion an inner patience that I cannot put into words too.  She has a gentle and nurturing way of pushing on through hurdles and she has a unique and special ability to see you for your gifts, talents and abilities through all your layers.  It truly has been an enlightening journey of self-discovery and true accomplishment.  Every call is rich and full of purpose and one to look forward to, as they are worth every moment of the time I have been priveleged to experience!  - Inthirani Arul, Author