"Shellie Hunt is amazing! After one phone call she quickly identified my true calling and gift and proceeded to help me cultivate it in every way possible to turn it into a thriving business. Her insights and knowledge is priceless."
Aurea McGarry
Emmy Winning TV Show Host & Founder of Live Your Legacy Summit

“In today's society no longer do we want to be sold, we're hungry for community, reality, and truth.  Rarely will you find a speaker as dynamic, compelling and authentically able to connect with an audience as Shellie Hunt.  If your goal is to not only engage and entertain your audience but literally transform them then you owe it to your audience to book Shellie Hunt to speak at your event." 
Michael R. Drew
Co Author Pendulum,
Worlds Most Successful Book Marketer marketing 74 Consecutive books to the Wall Street Journal, USA Today & New York Times best-sellers lists

“I have not only seen Shellie present...  I have experienced it from the front row!  Energy, passion, wisdom, and experience are just a taste of what Shellie Hunt brings to the table.  Do not miss out on the experience for yourself." 
Todd Newton
TV Host and Speaker

“In less than a year, Shellie helped me to articulate and leverage my many interests, skills and experiences. She has the uncanny ability to see into our souls and tap into those things that we think are lost. Her approach is ethical and straightforward.”  
Terri Tibbs
CEO and President
Yourhrusa and Terri Tibbs International

"Shellie Hunt is a glorious and radiant beam of light, illuminating everyone who is blessed to receive the essence of her inspirational and life-changing work!"
Karen Hoyos
Global Transformational Leader

"Working with Shellie has completely changed my life and launched a new career.
From her coaching sessions, guidance, and expertise, she has given me the chance to do something that I love…getting up on stages to speak to audiences across the country, and soon the world, to share my expertise.”
Allison M. Tibbs
CEO & Small Business Marketing Coach
Marquise, LLC

"I was amazed to find the multiple sources of income my company was missing. The Boardroom soared my projects over the top! A must go for any business owner or start up company!"
Heather Drudo

"I have advanced my career goals by 10 years working with Shellie Hunt. I would advise anyone who wants to move their business at light speed to contact her immediately!"
Bryce Laveck
Author:"How to be a Millionaire with a Highschool Education"
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